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‘Best Comedy’ Winner
2015 Viva Latino Film Festival NYC Int’l

‘Best Actress/Best Actor’ Winner
2015 Denver, CO Xicanindie Film Fest

Safada Y Sano Productions festival Award winning film Aguruphobia, directed by the refreshing new voice of Latino cinema- Richard Montes, stars veteran Hollywood actor Pepe Serna (Scarface, Car Wash, American Me) and energetic multi-hyphenate newcomer Jade Puga who penned and produced with Richard Montes, will have its first run at the Maya Cinemas Theaters Sept 2015.

Richard Montes' Aguruphobia, the ‘Best Comedy’ winner at the 2015 Viva Latino Film Festival NYC Int’l, and two time winner at the 2015 Denver, Colorado Xicanindie Film Fest shines light to the heavy issue of mental health in America where people often desperate for something more, seek happiness through self-help methods and gurus.

Aguruphobia is part of a wave of young American Latino indie filmmakers redefining the American Latino experience on screen and taking control of the type of stories available to American Latino audiences.

In a “funny and touching” portrayal Jade Puga in “tour de force breakout performance” plays agoraphobic Crystal Luna a mystic and follower of internet guru Nanak when she discovers the biggest thing since peyote: a wave vibrator, the answer to enlightenment. However, her life is turned upside as she navigates the wacky journey to self-discovery. Along the way to self-discovery, she realizes that searching for enlightenment can be dangerous.

Veteran actor Pepe Serna (Scarface, Car Wash, The Jerk, Banzai Buckaroo) gives a “multi-layered performance” as Nanak, a charismatic guru who uses the internet to become a commercial merchant of self-help happiness to the online masses.

After a chance meeting with Nanak, Crystal is left fearing for her life and intent on keeping her most prized possession- the vibrator from falling into the guru's hands. Serna and Puga are aided by a colorful cast of supporting characters. With the help of her friends, Crystal must outwit the guru in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, all while saving her home from foreclosure, trying to reach enlightenment, maintaining her sanity and protecting her vibrator at all costs.

“Aguruphobia is a sensory overload” with a vibrant and textured original film score and features the dynamic music of Adam Michaelson as well as an appearance by the pop punk band Cold Forty Three.

“Aguruphobia surprises” with dali-esque landscapes, CGI effects and a Bollywood dance sequence.

The immersive world Director Richard Montes creates is supported by his “skilled grasp of orchestrating the comedic timing, and seamless weaving of the grandiose elements of this indie cult film in the making”.

“Jade Puga and Richard Montes are an incredibly talented writing, producing and directing team. They are the cutting edge of new talent.” – Director Jesús Salvador Treviño (ER, Dawson’s Creek, Law & Order, Criminal Minds)

Comedy| USA | 85 TRT| PG-13| English
Starring: Pepe Serna and Jade Puga
Supporting Cast: Carlos Ramzey Ramirez, Marco Parra, Lia Chapman, Robert Hallak, Louise Davis
Director: Richard Montes
Writers: Jade Puga, Richard Montes
Producer: Jade Puga
Co-Producers: Richard Montes, Pepe Serna
Music Composer: Dave Volpe
Choreographer: Shivani Thakkar

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Maya Cinemas-9/23-9/26
Laemmle Noho7 -9/2
Oasis Cinemas, Nogales AZ
The Frida Cinema, Santa Ana, CA

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